CHANGSHA SANCHANG PUMP CO.,LTD  is a innovative and efficient centrifugal pump manufacturer. Since 2003, SANACHANG PUMP has been designing and manufacturing horizontal multistage pump,split case pump,and end suction pump etc, which are applied for fields such as industrial, civil, mining, marine, still milling, HVAC, O&G etc.

SANCHANG PUMP set the head office in Changsha City, Hunan Province, China, and built the factory in Zhuzhou City, assembling with test center and professional facilities; we have the staff of over 100 persons among which 30 are experienced engineers,with such a good team available to check, understand and solve your pumping needs.

After over a decade of development, SANCHANG PUMP is more than a centrifugal pump manufacturer. Now our pumps already exported to many countries in regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid-East and Latin America.

The ISO9001:2015 quality management system applies in our design, production, and testing, as well as related industry standards. Comprehensively complementing the quality system and related standards, ensuring all our pumps delivered totally meet clients requirements and work in good condition in site, which is our commitment to clients ever.

We value our clients, as well as our employees, which is our primary principal and the power to make improvements continuously.

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